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Preferred Listing Review Package:   $99.99 / Year

Subscription Features:

1. Cost effective pricing with the benefit of guaranteed Top 3 'Highlighted' Listing in the category of your choice.
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3. Proof reading of your description to Optimize your Results thus maximizing ROI.
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8. Access to our dedicated SEO and Marketing Team, well known for gaining high SERP's in most categories.

Standard Review Package:   $49.99 / Unlimited

Subscription Features:

1. The potential to be listed in the Internet's most established Independent Family Safe Search Directory.
2. Highly indexed listing with Optimized Unique Descriptions provided if needed.
3. Option for Keyword Structuring by our editors, (Added to your keywords on submission).
4. Request a description change to compete with rivals at no extra cost. (One time only unless a subscriber.)
5. A chance to gain a coveted 'Safe Site' approved rating to increase customer trust for you.
6. A once only listing fee with no need to pay again unless you want to. [We highly recommend upgrading. at some stage.]